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8th December 2007 - The Dry Bar, Farringdon, London

We landed ourselves a Saturday gig. This hadn't happened for over 4 years! There were many new people who were there at the gig and we delivered a total stormer of a performance even as the opening act. We kicked off with an original and unique version of the theme tune from the movie The Terminator. We kept delivering a tight and entertaining set climaxing with The Score. Those who were there will never forget what they saw and heard.

28th November 2007 - Emergenza Music Festival, Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London

What we achieved in this gig was simply unbelievable. To get through to the next round of the world's biggest music festival we had to impress the audience and have enough of our own supporters to vote us through to the next round. With just 4 of our true supporters in the audience we didn't get through on the night, but we impressed the organisers enough to get entry into the next round via the wildcard method. In short, we rock!

23rd October 2007 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

On a complete roll after a gig on the week before, we got a headline slot at Imperial again! We did our exact set from the week before. Too bad the sound engineering on the night was terrible, though the band did make a sweet live video of Crap Day which is available on youtube.

16th October 2007 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

We played at this special charity gig raising money for rainforests in Peru. This was a landmark gig for us as we played our longest set to date, with a full 45mins of songs including all five of our current originals and some cover songs that included an awesome rendition of the Terminator 2 theme.

4th Septmeber 2007 - The Comedy, Liecester Square, London

By playing a date in the month of September gig for the first time ever the band set a new record. On a day marred by strikes the band defied all odds and bought in the biggest crowd of the night. This gig was also the first one in which a re-union between Matthew Jones, Michael Pidgeon and Atul Rana took place. The three hadn't gigged together in donkeybox since February 2004.

14th June 2007 - The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London

After a gruelling month and half in the recording studio for the first time ever, the band had come up with their first ever studio demo. And we were sure excited as hell about distributing it! This gig was billed as the official EP launch named Backstage Pass. It was our first gig south of the river in London and thanks to the help of Indee on lead guitar and Polish Mike on drums we pulled out a cracker of a set. Our cd went down a storm and we gave out plenty of free copies. This gig marked a new era in the band as we now have a marketable product to distribute at gigs and a sure means of promoting the true sound of the band.

10th March 2007 - dBs, Imperial College Union

Box, Box, Box, Box! The chant began as we hit the stage, and much like our legendary performance on the same spot over two years ago at Rock Idols, we shook dBs to the ground with a performance that injected vicious energy into the audience. Three of our songs, from the bright/happy sounding Crap Day to the melancholic and emotive Set Me Free and then the atmospheric hard rock attack of The Score, summed up our message of the night, we meant business! And that we sure did, our performance was broadcast on internet radio and the effects of that will surely reverberate into the future. For those who were there, we salute you!

30th January 2007 - dBs, Imperial College Union

For those of you who couldn't make it, DonkeyBox came out of the shadows to play a one off gig at Imperial College Student Union on Tuesday night. It was a special gig for a number of reasons - the first of the New Year, our first gig as a 3 piece, the first time we played a BRAND SPANKING NEW SONG!!, and we were fortunate enough to be photographed by the immensely talented Jide Alakija!

We stormed on stage with 'Society Made Me This Way', followed by a cover of Green Day's 'When I Come Around'. Calmed down a bit with our very own 'Crap Day', before Marc sang (for the very first time live on stage ever in the history of the world ever!!) 'Pea' (by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) before leading the rest of the band into a spot on rendition of 'Californication'. We then played our brand new song 'Set Me Free' to a great reaction, and finished up on the rocking 'The Score'! So all in all, one hell of a set!


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