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2nd December 2002 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union

This was the best performance with great reviews from all around! The bands first gig since the sucession of summer gigs. The band had now been playing together for quite a while and finally the band name was changed from "6am" to "DonkeyBox".

For this gig the band chose to play an entirely new set of covers from what had even been played before with the exception of When I come Around which remained a strong performer and opener.

New artists that we tried to impersonate were Everclear and Nickelback. Our old favourites Guns N Roses and Red Hot Chilli Peppers remained a part of our set.

The set played was as follows

  • When I come Around
  • Californication
  • Amphetamine
  • Rocket Queen
  • How You Remind Me

20th June 2002 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union (Played with bandname as "6am")

This gig was shortly after the summerball gig. The gig was held as always at the union and it was the last week of term. The idea behind the gig was that it would give supporters who didn't get the chance to see us in the summerball to see us play in da union.

The format of the gig night included a small jam session at the begining where the band did some different versions of Good Riddance by Greenday and had a shot at some other songs.

For the gig sess, the band played pretty much the summerball set.

The set played was as follows

  • When I come Around
  • Enter Sandman
  • Under the Bridge
  • Sweet Child

All gigs are normally recorded by the band but this gig wasn't, however we found out that someone else had recorded pretty much the whole performance. Yet another epic performance could not have possibly gone unrecorded!

8th June 2002 - Summer Ball Gig at Imperial College Sherfield Building (Played with bandname as "6am")

This gig was by far the highest profile gig played by us. It was also the first gig played by us as a whole band after we formed in March. This meant that we had only been a band together for 3 months.

The band's only stage performance until this point was at a jam night. It was also lead guitarist and now legend Matt Jones first ever gig.

The summerball is the biggest student ball organised in London and huge acts like Cornershop and James Taylor Quartet were to perform in the college, so the pressure was on.... After some accelerated learning which only started very late as Matt and Mike had summer exams, we pulled off the following set.

  • Under the Bridge
  • When I come around
  • Enter Sandman
  • Self Esteem
  • Hit Me one more time
  • Sweet Child

The gig was filmed on video and the video was lost for several months until it was miracalously rediscovered...



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