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9th December 2005 - dBs Imperial College Union, London

A very unusual and special gig played by the band in difficult circumstances. Lead singer Atul's father had passed away and he had to be in India during this gig. He'd asked the band to respect it's gigging commitments and so Aaron took lead vocal duties for just this one gig. The show must go on and it sure did on this night.

25th October 2005 - Imperial College Union , London

Back in action at our home turf in the Imperial Union we gave dBs the DonkeyBox deciBels by delivering the heaviest and most electric set. For the first time in our history we had a cordless guitar system and boy did Marc use his cordless freedeom to the max. In a true mark (or Marc even) of showmanship he went into the audience to spread the donkeybox magic amongst the audience, awesome, rock on! Many thanks as always to ours supporters and Jazz & Rock at Imperial.

9th October2005 - Lark In The Park, Islington, London

Awesome, awesome gig. We played second band out of four. it was a totally mad and packed gig in a small intimate venue, we had the biggest crowd and support their by a long shot, and many thanks for everyone for being there including the Imperial College crew. Marc our new bassist made his debut with donkeybox as new bassist and recieved a great ovation from the crowd for it.

4th October 2005 - dBs, Imperial College Union (Freshers Fair), London

Donkeybox played just after lunchtime to the wide-eyed freshers of Imperial College. After a bit of a shaky start (after all it was Marc's first gig, and the first time we had played together since june) we managed to pull in an impressive crowd into dB's, and pelt out some high-voltage rock in the only way we know how.

21st June 2005 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

Our second headline gig in the year and boy what a hot day it was. This was the last gig Atul and Al played at the union as students and it was a very special occassion for them. It was also drummer Mike's birthday and happy birthday was sung all round by everyone! We also had a special treat for everyone, playing a cover version of the Metallica classic Master of Puppets with Ember Daze bassist Al Ings. What a way to end our gigging season! Thanks to all our supporters who came, Al Ings for playing bass, Al Horton for rescuing DonkeyBox during all these gigs over the last few months. The Jazz & Rock scene will be missed by all of us.

3rd June 2005 - dB , Imperial College Union, London

The most awesome gig night this year! We graced the stage second as the heaviest band of the night and rocked it all out to the max. This was also the first time we had a band banner hanging on top of Mike, our drummer for a bit of band marketing!

It was a pleasure to hear from pfeople that our performances are getting better and tighter with each gig. We played along with Cielo Azul, Dollface, Ember Daze, Hoochie Coos, 40 Acres and Andy Thorpe's Blues Bitches. As always an enormous thanks to everyone who was there to make the effort to come up to the union and support us!

7th May 2005 - dBs, Imperial College Union (RockSoc Night), London

DonkeyBox opened up on a night of awesome rock and metal from some pretty hot bands. We played along with Gripshift, Bates Motel and Liquid Sky. A live recording of this gig was made and is the basis of our demo now. Many thanks to all supporters, Al for playing bass again and the RockSoc crew.

15th March 2005 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

Supported by The Pyramids of SNAFU, Dead Karma, Breville De Mille and Zulfikar.

This is the first time we headlined a gig at Imperial Union and we had no intention of dissapointing. Our performance was a massive improvement from our earlier days. We blasted away with all our original tunes and climaxed the night with a total rocker. It was an awesome experience for us as we got some singalong, dancing, headbanging and even hints of moshing going along in the audience. We still remain the only college band to get people to mosh along to our own stuff and we're rather proud ;-) Many thanks to everyone who came, people who have sent us photos, all the other bands, the Jazz & Rock crew and Al for playing bass for us.

3rd March 2005 - The Quad, London School of Economics Union, Holborn, London

Supported Dollface with LSE's Celestino, Hemant Grover and Hilary Cohn. Awesome night, many thanks to all the Imperial crew who were down there, to Dollface, the other acts, roadie Markus and to Al for playing bass for us!


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