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3rd December 2004 - Rock Idols at Imperial College Union

What a wicked night this was. We will certainly not forget this one for quite a long while! We played as the FINAL band of the night at 12.40am. By this time dBs was capacity packed and the crowd was already pretty high from the amazing music before and booze. We blasted away with "Crapday" and "Crackhead", getting the audience to sing along with us. We finished off with "Pointless". The moshing in the crowd and energy was awesome, stewards had to control the audience both on and off stage and we have now officially been branded as Imperial's most "dangerous" band.

Thanks to all our supporters for coming, apologies to the ones who had to leave before 12am without hearing us. Thanks also to the organisers of Rock Idols. We will be back!

25th November 2004 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union

This was a truly great gig for us. In our brand new line-up we played 5 songs including 2 of our own and the feedback was great. Many thanks to everyone who attended, took pictures and also to the Jazz and Rock committee for organising the night

21st June 2004 - Red21 Charity gig at The Gardening Club, Covent Garden

This was one of the biggest gigs the band played for it's time and was the first gig played outside Imperial College. A student at Imperial was heading off for a year to Mozambique and decided to raise money for children over there. He organised a charity gig night with a red theme and DonkeyBox decided to enter it despite no drummer and lead guitarist at the time.

On the week before the gig, the band found a French guy called Nicolas Boinnot who rose up to the challenge and in 3 intense practices learnt all the songs. Despite being on a Monday night the gig was packed not only because of the England Vs Croatia Euro 2004 match but also because of a massive publicity campaign. The place was totally packed, DonkeyBox came on first as a three piece (with only Atul on guitar) and totally stormed the night.

The set was

  • Crackhead
  • Crap Day
  • The Moment
  • The Score
  • Hit me one more time (Britney Spears cover)

5th February 2004 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union

This was a total stormer for us, we were on as the second last band of the night and had a huge audience with us. It was also sadly drummer Mike Pidgeon's last gig with us. Also the first gig where we had professional photographs taken.

Set played on the night

  • Crackhead
  • The Moment
  • Crap Day
  • Californication
  • Culture of Docility
  • Sweet Emotion
  • The Score


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