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9th December 2006 - Clayponds Student Residences, South Ealing, London

A very unusual gig in that it was played under the donkeybox banner. This was a unique gig done at a student party in the freezing cold indoors tent. The crowd was ecstatic, there were over 300 students enjoying the manic sounds of donkeybox. Thanks to people who helped us out to make this gig possible, especially stand in lead guitarist Carlos and bassist Matt.

19th November 2006 - Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, London

Thanks for everyone for coming down, this gig was bigger and better. For now the photos are all available on http://photos.neil.be/donkeybox

8th November 2006 - The Comedy, Leicester Square, London

Great gig, the students were back in their masses, we had the biggest crowd and we had two photographers shooting us all night on stage. Their results were absolutely amazing, a whole set of arty black and white shots which to this date are still being used for band publicity.

15th August 2006 - HMV Oxford Street, London

This was certainly the most high profile venue we have so far played at. Just finding out about this Rock and Play event sponsored by Nokia, we went out unrehearsed and incomplete (Aaron and Jim were away from London). This was a totally unique gig done at the biggest music store in one of the biggest cities of the world. We played Crap Day and Californication and won over the people who were listening out in the streets.

Enjoy our version of Crap Day played, click here to download it. It was a sunny day out there, and true enough, a sunny day just can't be wasted.

9th June 2006 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

Many thanks to Indee for helping out temporarily on drumz. We headlined this gig at Imperial and although due to the timing and the hot weather outside the audience numbers were low, we sure had a blast!

3rd March 2006 - dBs, Imperial College Union, London

Back to rock with full venom was the message with this one. This was the bands first gig after a long break from gigging and the band needed to re-establish itself as the supreme rock force. And so they did, in true style, introducing a brand new original song, Rock N Roll Evolution and also playing a well recieved cover of the GnR classic Sweet Child. The band set-list has now grown to have six originals, bring more of them on!


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