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7th December 2003 - Rock Idols Gig at Imperial College Union

This was an awesome event for us, we played to the biggest audience in the union as part of a battle of the bands type competetion. The union was totally packed with a strong 200+ audience.

We turned up as three-piece without lead guitarist Matt who couldn't make the gig. We faired very well and performed as the second last band of the night playing a fully original songs set and it was amazing to see people singing to our songs.

The set was

  • Crackhead
  • Crap Day
  • The Score

18th November 2003 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union

After a months break we were back on stage, the exact stage infact in dB's and this time we threw in another original song for ya all, which totally grooved, some fantastic support from the people who were there, the headbanging and dancing on front of the stage was absolutely fantastic, you guys made the whole set rock!

The Set was

  • Crackhead
  • Californication - Our popular Chilli Peppers cover
  • The Score
  • Crap Day
  • Culture of Docility
  • Sweet Emotion - A totally rockin' Aerosmith cover
  • How You Remind Me - Nickelback cover

18th October 2003 - RockSoc Pandemonium Gig Night dB's at Imperial College Union

Played before Mesch, evenflowerskill and Sone This was a key gig for us, the first one that was non Jazz and Rock related and one where we supported upcoming bands from over the country.

Also by this stage we had written two more songs over the creative summer and we were keen to perform our originals. Our publicity was very strong and so was RockSocs publicity of the event with us priting our own flyers for the first ever time and RockSoc had their own flyers too. The gig was also supported by a lot of our supporters being on a Saturday evening.

The Set was

  • Sweet Emotion - An Aerosmith cover
  • The Score
  • Californication - Our ever popular Chilli Peppers cover
  • Crap Day
  • Culture of Docility

Once again a million thanks for all our supporters who turned up to see us play, it was great to have you all there. We had a brill time too playing so many of our new songs for the first time, pity we had such a short set and could't entertain you for longer. Also the minidisc recorder packed up (it only got the first half of the first song) but we'll sort that all this out with our next gig, so watch this space! 1

6th June 2003 - Gig Night at Imperial College Union

This was a key gig for us since we performed our first original song, The Score.

It was also the last gig for Matt and Mike as students at the college since they were now leaving the college after that summer. As a band this was a breakthrough gig for us since we were very well prepared and quite confident this time and our set went down well superbly.

The set played was as follows

  • When I come round and round - A Greenday Cover
  • Poison - Originally by Alice Coooooooper
  • Califonication - A RH Chilli Peppers tune
  • How U Remind Moi - The famous Nickelback toon
  • "The Score" - Our original song Saaaandman - The most famous Metalllica rocker

After 6 months of waiting, DonkeyBox finally hit a stage at our fav venue Imperial College Union once again on June the 26th, a nice summery concert it was too..It was great to see the level of support from family and friends too, loadsa thanks to you all for coming.


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